Guy Engineering Team. We're 26 kinds of awesome.

About Us.

Guy Engineering Services, Inc. is a civil engineering consulting firm established in 1987. Our staff of approximately 36 provides engineering, surveying, and planning services to city, county, state, and federal agencies as well as individual developers and corporations. Services we offer include

  • Highway / roadway / street design
  • Bridge and structure design
  • Bridge rehabilitation
  • Structural engineering
  • Safety bridge inspections
  • Hydrology and hydraulics
  • Bridge hydraulics
  • Land surveying, mapping, and staking
  • Utility relocation coordination
  • ROW acquisition and mapping
  • Traffic control and construction phasing
  • Water, sewer, and stormwater design
  • Drainage and flood control
  • Utility design

Our firm has earned a reputation for quality design and efficient production. Management and production techniques are monitored and a continual effort is made to improve efficiency and response time.