2018 Oklahoma Bioblitz

American Burying Beetle
American Burying Beetle

Have you ever wanted to participate in an American burying beetle survey? Now is your chance! The 2018 Oklahoma Bioblitz will be held October 5-7 at Greenleaf State Park right in the heart of the ABB Conservation Priority Area, and GUY Engineering’s own Stephanie Rainwater, a federally permitted ABB specialist,  will be at the event leading a survey effort.

Check out these other activities available at the event:

  • Mammal trapping and tracking
  • Bird basics, birding walks, bird banding
  • Herp walk and presentation
  • Amphibian citizen science project
  • Plant identification walk
  • Vegetation diversity activity
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) demo
  • Fish seining
  • Family night hike
  • Natural history discovery walk
  • Cicada presentation
  • Terrestrial, aquatic, and soil invertebrate presentations
  • Lichen identification