Survey Tech/Party Chief


Job Description

GUY is  seeking a qualified Survey Tech/Party Chief for immediate employment in the Tulsa, OK office. When acting as a Party Chief, the qualified applicant will be responsible for supervising crew in collecting field data captured through global positioning systems and robotic total stations in order to create topographical maps and boundary surveys. Survey Tech responsibilities will include the reduction of the field data collection into survey maps, surface models, and plats of survey.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities

  • Directs crew in performing land and construction surveys using levels, total stations, and GPS equipment.
  • Responsible for maintaining the data collectors structurally and internally and ensuring the field data is downloaded from them daily, along with field notes and other data gathered.
  • Performs basic field calculations when requested, including closing and adjusting level loops and calculating coordinate data for use in GPS navigation.
  • Performs survey department support activities including property owner and survey data research. Assists in preparing technical drawings and plans for survey projects.
  • Prepares basic survey computations based on legal descriptions.
  • Prepares plats and certified corner records according to OK land surveying minimum standards.

Minimum Requirements

  • Associates degree in Surveying and/or 2-4 years of related survey work experience.
  • Knowledge of survey field techniques and survey language.
  • Basic level math proficiency with computations, geometry, and trigonometry, as applied to surveying.
  • Ability to use GPS equipment, total stations, and other electronic surveying equipment.
  • Basic to advanced level of proficiency in AutoCad, Carlson, and Trimble survey software preferred.