Martin Keiner, PE

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Martin’s primary responsibility is to ensure operational efficiency throughout GUY, with a focus on human resource management, firm/section operations, and logistical support for the Project Management, Engineering, Utility, Survey, and Environmental teams. Although an engineer by education, his career experience is with management. He recently retired from the Air Force, where he had numerous leadership and command opportunities throughout his career.

Martin’s interest in the Architectural and Engineering career field stemmed from watching the TV series “The Brady Bunch,” where the father character was a successful architect/engineer. His other main interest as a youth was nature and forestry, so he chose to attend Oregon State University for a BS in Forest Engineering. He also has an MS in Engineering and Technology from the other OSU, Oklahoma State.

Martin likes to play whenever possible, which might take the form of gardening, visiting the arts, driving the countryside, or checking out as many restaurants as possible. He has also played soccer, was part of a crew team, skydived and SCUBA dived, and flew in an F-15 fighter. He is originally from Europe and hopes to return one day.


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