Robynn Parks

Robynn Parks

Utility Relocation Coordination Manager

Utility relocation coordination is a vital part of any construction project. Utility conflicts can extend a project’s construction time, pose safety concerns, and increase costs. As Utility Relocation Coordination Manager, Robynn makes sure that all utility owners who are affected by a bridge or roadway project are notified. During the design phase of a project, she coordinates relocation efforts between the utility owners, Tribal Nations, Counties, and state and local government agencies. Her work continues during the construction phase, when she ensures that utilities relocate in their designated corridors and manages any conflicts with the construction crews and utility owners if a utility issue arises.

Robynn enjoys that her career makes a difference in the community because utilities are the infrastructure of our everyday life.  By ensuring that utilities are moved on time and not damaged during construction, she keeps water flowing and light on for those living and working near construction areas.

Robynn holds an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Aided Drafting and Design as well as a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Project Management. She also studied Business Marketing for two years. Currently, Robynn is working on Project Management Certification.

Outside of work, Robynn enjoys spending time with her family and taking care of her three children. She is  4’11” tall and her hair is 2’6″ long, almost half of her height. She used to be an avid volleyball player and played as a defensive specialist. Surprisingly for her height, she could spike the ball from the back row, aiming specifically at the back corners of the court and scoring points for her team.

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