Blackburn Bridge over Arkansas River

Bridge #238, Blackburn Bridge, was a 1,300ft historic truss bridge over the Arkansas River in the backwater of Keystone Lake.  GUY provided a design for replacing the existing bridge with a 9 -145ft span bridge that included custom piers due to the bridge height and water conditions. The design also included

  • 2,455 feet of urban roadway
  • 2,725 feet of rural roadway
  • a 4,329 foot overlay along a rural roadway

The roadway design required care to not impact residences and historic businesses. Most of the urban roadway design remained within present right-of-way conditions, minimizing impact on private property. Various alignments were studied and presented to the citizens in the town of Blackburn at two public meetings. The selected alignment was a combination of the options presented.

Because the existing bridge was historic,  Section 4(f) and Oklahoma Historic Preservation Office research and paperwork were required. NEPA certification studies and reports were also included, as well as extensive topographic survey through a rural community and un-platted area.


Bridge #238 Blackburn Bridge over the Arkansas River

Bridge, Grade, Drain, and Surface

JP 23480


Osage County and Pawnee County

Expertise Provided:

Project management

Bridge design

Roadway geometrics


Osage County and Pawnee County, OK