Bridge #20 over Clear Boggy Creek

Bridge #20 over Clear Boggy Creek in Choctaw County was a one-lane truss bridge built in 1919.

This project replaced the existing one lane, structurally deficient truss bridge. Because the existing bridge was eligible for Historic Registry, it remained in place and a shoofly was constructed at both ends of the bridge.

The new 26ft wide, 6-span bridge used 135ft long PC beams while minimizing impacts to existing wetlands. Over 1,800ft of roadway was also reconstructed.

This project used CIRB funding.

Bridge #20 over Clear Boggy, Choctaw County



Bridge #20 over Clear Boggy Creek

Bridge & Approaches

JP 24820


Choctaw County

Expertise Provided:

Project management

Bridge design

Roadway design

Bridge geometrics

Roadway geometrics

Utility relocation coordination


Choctaw County, OK