Dwight Mission Rd (I-40 to Sequoyah Landing)

Funded by the Cherokee Nation, this project included resurfacing 5.6 miles of asphalt roadway and adding new signage and striping. Additional coordination with Sequoyah County took place to recommend drainage structure improvements before the resurfacing.

 One of the existing vertical curves had inadequate sight distance. In order to avoid huge costs and a major impact to an adjacent homeowner, a solar-powered flashing warning light was installed on both sides of the hill. The County has liked it so much they are considering using this type of light in other locations. 

 Right of way acquisition for this project included 34 parcels and two BIA parcels.

Dwight Mission South before
BR 60 over Dog Creek



Dwight Mission Rd: I-40 to Sequoyah Landing

Roadway Design

JP 32396

Expertise Provided:

Project management

Roadway design 

Signing and striping plans

Hydrology and hydraulics

Drainage analysis


Right of way acquisition

Cost estimating



Cherokee Nation


Sequoyah County, OK