Land Acquisition

As roads, bridges, and other infrastructure are constructed or improved, clients sometimes need to acquire private property, whether temporarily or permanently. Adequate right of way to construct, re-construct, and improve infrastructure is critical in maintaining a functional transportation network. GUY offers a Land Acquisition team that seeks to reach agreements that satisfy both clients and property owners while meeting clients’ budget and timeline. 

Statewide Reach

GUY serves the entire state of Oklahoma from our offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Our Right of Way team travel regularly to meet with both clients and landowners, adjusting their schedules to landowner schedules.

Focus on Relationships and Trust

Building relationships is critical to the right of way process. GUY treats landowners with courtesy. By asking the right questions, establishing an understanding, and gaining trust, they help keep acquisitions on course. In addition, they communicate about the project and its benefits, build consensus, and ease the negotiation process.

Certified & Experienced Team

Owners benefit from a trained and certified right of way acquisition team that has extensive experience in all stages of right of way acquisition. The GUY team follow the procedures set forth in the Uniform Act, the ODOT Right of Way Procedures Manual, and state and local laws. They also methodically document and record every step in the negotiation process, providing written records and contact logs that support certification.

Because of this level of experience, we have worked with municipalities, counties, and Tribal nations throughout Oklahoma on acquisition projects ranging from one to 79 parcels. 

Timely and Consistent Communication

GUY’s proactive approach to constant communication ensures you always know the status of your projects. We strive to be an extension of your staff by continually communicating with you through meetings, emails, written reports, and phone calls. GUY has an internal policy of responding to questions within 24 hours.