Russell Dixon, PE

Senior Civil Engineer

Russell started college with a focus on mathematics, but early in his college career, he met a City Manager who introduced him to the public works arena. He subsequently changed majors to Civil Engineering with an emphasis on transportation and roadway materials. He still enjoys seeing projects go from concept to construction and being used by people every day.

Russell also enjoys yard work, reading, yoga, walking, and contemplating deep religious truths. He likes to watch college sports, historical documentaries, and action movies, and is proud of the no-hitter he pitched during a tournament game in high school.

Russell received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1978. He spent 16 years in the public sector before migrating to the engineering consulting field in 1996. Russell has been a licensed Professional Engineer since 1985. His expertise includes designing water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, stormwater drainage systems, ADA compliance, and site and roadway design.

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