Tribal Engineering Services

As an Indian-owned firm and an Indian small business economic enterprise, we help Indian Tribes and Nations maintain and expand their infrastructure systems, working together to create budget-friendly, safe, and sustainable solutions.

Tribal Certifications

GUY’s tribal certifications include:

  • Cherokee Nation (TERO certification)
  • Muskogee Nation (CESO certification)
  • Blackfeet Nation
  • Chickasaw Nation (preferred vendor certification)
  • Choctaw Nation  (preferred vendor certification)

Tribal Clients

GUY has provided services to numerous Native American Tribes and Nations, including:

  • Chickasaw Nation
  • Cherokee Nation
  • Osage Nation
  • Ottawa Tribe
  • Choctaw Nation
  • United Keetoowah Band
  • Pawnee Nation
  • Quapaw Tribe
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs