GUY is honored to have received an Engineering Excellence Honor Award from ACEC Oklahoma for our Bridge #15 over Mud Creek project!

S 3460 Rd is a major through road for Pawnee County drivers, connecting SH-15 to the Arkansas River crossing. However, Bridge #15, a single span pony truss dating to 1932, was frequently closed for maintenance and repair. Closures forced motorists on an inconvenient detour and slowed response time for emergency vehicles.

Bridge #15 Mud Creek before

Replacing this dilapidated and unsafe bridge with an innovative steel arch bridge improved transportation in the county while minimizing excavation costs and environmental impact.

Bridge 15 over Mud Creek construction

The new bridge was the first ODOT-let steel arch bridge in Oklahoma. In addition, the 64ft-2in span x 19ft-7in rise steel plate structure was the longest steel arch span available at the time. With this arch design, GUY was able to minimize excavation costs and environmental impact in comparison to a standard PC beam bridge design.

With a new bridge in place, drivers in Pawnee County now have easier access to the Arkansas River crossing as well as improved response time for emergency vehicles. The new bridge also provides an economic benefit to Pawnee County, as it requires nearly zero maintenance. In addition, the aesthetic value of the bridge has received positive reviews, as the fascia blends in with the scenery.