img_6165To celebrate Engineers Week 2016, February 22-26, Brad Folks, E.I., and Megan Douglas visited with Mrs. Folks’ 1st grade class and Ms. Blake’s 8th grade Science class at Holy Family Cathedral School in Tulsa, OK. They started with an overview of the history of engineering and a discussion of opportunities in the engineering field. Then the students got to be engineers for the day by breaking up into groups of two and constructing the tallest tower possible in 20 minutes comprised of only dry spaghetti noodles, small marshmallows, and masking tape. The towers were measured before they fell, and the tallest tower constructed was 29.5 inches tall. The students and GUY staff all had a fun time seeing firsthand how engineering principles work in the real world.

Other Engineers Week activities included a visit to engineering classes at Edison Preparatory High School, an evening spent helping local Boy Scouts earn their engineering merit badge, and a company lunch and engineering challenge.