All Star Champion logo GUY Engineering received the prestigious All-Star Champion award at the Great Game of Business Gathering of Games in September. This award recognizes and celebrates the remarkable achievements of companies from around the globe that have fully embraced the principles of open-book management and The Great Game of Business®, and have demonstrated outstanding results.

At GUY, GGOB has served as a framework that has helped the GUY team adapt to changes in the industry, to explore ways to keep revenue high during challenging times, and to seek continuous improvement—while also earning regular bonuses, higher revenue, and lowering their debt. Playing Great Game™ has also helped the company diversify its client base and explore new ideas and business opportunities. “We actually increased our revenue during a recent industry downturn because we diversified into new revenue streams,” says CEO John Blickensderfer. “GGOB also taught us to look ahead and be proactive, which meant we were not caught by surprise by the industry downturn. We continue to explore new opportunities and look for ways to expand our services and our clients.”