One of the many services offered by Guy Engineering is the investigation and gathering of information related to the location of existing utilities associated with the various design projects. In addition to collecting this information and developing a report on the findings, we also provide coordination for the relocation of these utilities to avoid conflicts with the proposed construction project.
In 2005, we began working with ODOT to coordinate the relocation of utilities for various projects around the state. A thorough knowledge of their Policies and Procedures for the relocation of utilities, along with the associated Federal guidelines, has allowed the Guy Utilities Team to adopt a similar process for the work on local projects for counties, cities, and other government agencies.
To date, we have worked on over two hundred projects both local and state in 36 counties spread out across all 8 ODOT Divisions in the State. Our efforts in working with the Utility Owners to relocate before the project begins have prevented many construction delays, which can result in significant cost savings overall.