Bridge Inspection – Dept of the Army

As a subconsultant to KCI, GUY Engineering performed routine bridge inspections at army bases throughout the US. GUY completed two task orders under this contract, inspecting 20 bridges at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs and 19 bridges at McAlester Army Ammunition in McAlester, OK.

 Inspections were completed in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 23, Part 650, Subpart C – National Bridge Inspection Standards, as well as the requirements for routine inspections specified in Army Regulation 420-1 Army Facility Management, Chapter 7 “Transportation Infrastructure and Dams.”

 Following the inspections, GUY prepared inspection reports for each bridge. These reports included photo documentation, repair recommendations, and cost estimates for each bridge.

 GUY adheres to extensive quality control and quality assurance procedures. Each inspection was reviewed multiple times for accuracy and completeness, allowing for a quality report that owners could use to repair and maintain their bridges.

Ft Carson bridge inspection
Ft Carson bridge inspection