Construction recently completed on these GUY-designed projects

We are always excited to see our designs resulting in safer infrastructure for local communities!

Bridge #30 over Little Cabin Creek, Craig County

Built in 1947, the original Bridge #30 over Little Cabin Creek was a 122 ft. 3-span structure with a concrete deck. It was functionally obsolete and load rated at 19 tons. In addition, the approach roadway was overtopped during 25-year storm events.

GUY designed a replacement 195 ft. skewed 3-span PC beam bridge. The new bridge is located approximately 190 ft. east of the old bridge on a new alignment. This alignment provided better flood protection and corrected unsafe horizontal curves in the approach roadway.

The existing bridge remained open during construction.

Chimney Rock Rd Phase 2

Chimney Rock Rd Phase 2GUY designed plans to reconstruct 4.0 miles of Chimney Rock Reservoir Rd. and EW 53 from the Chimney Rock Lake reservoir dam to NS 447. The existing roadway was 21 ft. wide with no shoulders, while the new roadway has two 12-ft. lanes and 4-ft. shoulders. In addition to widening the lanes and adding shoulders, other improvements included correcting sigh distance, improving geometry, and correcting drainage problems.

An alignment analysis was conducted for portions of the roadway to determine an option that had the least impact to wetlands, adjacent property, and drainage. The project also included replacing two bridges: a 96-in. CGSP bridge and an RCB.

The project was funded by the Cherokee Nation.