E 21st St South

This 1.0 mile long arterial street rehabilitation project is located in a high-traffic corridor with multiple adjacent development types, including single family residences, apartments/condos, a park, a shopping center, restaurants, office buildings, and a hospital complex, and other medical offices. The project included

  • New ADA curb ramps and sidewalks
  • Storm sewers
  • Traffic signal modifications at five intersections

  • Waterline replacements and relocations
    • 5,500LF of 16-inch water transmission lines
    • 5,788LF of 12-inch water distribution lines
    • 230LF of 24-inch waterline relocations
    • More than 15 connections to existing distribution lines
  • Sanitary sewer line replacements
    • Four sanitary sewer lines totaling 233LF of 8-inch and 45LF of 18-inch pipes
    • For two of the four line segments, it was necessary to remove existing sewer pipelines that penetrated through existing storm sewers.

    GUY also researched, recommended, and incorporated the use of a hot-top E-Z valve on an existing 16-inch water line so that proper water pressure could be maintained at a nearby hospital during construction.

21st St, Tulsa, OK
21st St, Tulsa, OK

E 21st St South: S Peoria Ave to S Lewis Ave and E 21st St South to S Utica Ave


City of Tulsa

Expertise Provided:

Highway & roadway design

Roadway geometric design

Water main design

Wastewater relocations

Right of way determination

Right of way document preparation and staking

Public meetings

Project management



Tulsa, OK