Bridge #67 over Barron Fork (under design)

GUY prepared designs to replace a structurally deficient bridge. The original bridge was built in 1948 and consisted of four 70ft I-beam spans, which had a sufficiency rating of 15.7 and a curb-to-curb width of 22 ft. The new bridge will be a 6-span PC beam bridge on new alignment.

GUY also provided subsurface utility engineering services to identify the location of public and private waterlines, as well as utility relocation coordination for the private waterline.


105th and Yale after

Bridge #67 over Barron Fork

JP 31287

Expertise Provided:

Bridge and roadway design
Bridge and roadway geometrics
Bridge and roadway hydraulics
Bridge hydraulics
Hydrology and hydraulics
Project management
Right of way determination and documentation
Subsurface utility engineering
Utility relocation coordination
404 permitting
Cost estimating



Adair County


Adair County