AFLCMC Facility Building 9201

GUY provided topographic and planimetric surveying and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services as part of a project to reconstruct a parking lot at the AFLCMC Facility at Tinker Air Force Base.

Survey services included

  • Establishing site control monuments and benchmarks using RTK GPS measurements from the primary control monuments
  • Performing a differential level loop throughout the entire control line to ensure vertical control precision
  • Conducting topographical collection including roads, curbs, drives, sidewalks, buildings, signs, fences, walls, trees, sewers, visible drainage structures/flow lines, and visible/marked utilities
  • Collecting storm sewer manholes and sanitary sewer manholes, and measuring inverts for depth
  • Preparing design survey and digital terrain model

SUE Quality Level B was included, with electromatic and GPR used to gather and record the approximate horizontal and vertical locations of existing utilities. GUY also coordinated with the geotechnical contractor to identify and collect geotechnical bore hole locations.

 Submittals included an AutoCAD (.dwg) file displaying a two-dimensional digital map and a LandXML file (.xml) containing the digital terrain model information.


105th and Yale after

AFLCMC Facility Bldg 9201


Expertise Provided:


Utility locating





Tinker Air Force Base