Bridge #67 over Windy Creek (under construction)

GUY prepared a design to replace Bridge #67 over Windy Creek. The original concrete cast-in-place bridge was built in 1938. The new bridge consists of 2-40ft 3-sided culverts. This design was selected to minimize raising the roadway profile, thus reducing right of way impacts.

The new bridge also improves drainage throughout the roadway corridor. Previously, the road washed out frequently at locations north and south of the bridge. To improve drainage, a cross drain was added on the north side of the bridge and one of the cross-drain on the south side was enlarged.    

Right of way acquisition included five parcels.

Chimney Rock Road Land Acquisition

Bridge #67 over Windy Creek

Bridge and Approaches

JP 30555

Expertise Provided:

Project management

Bridge and roadway design

Bridge hydraulics

Hydrology and hydraulics

Roadway geometrics



Right of way acquisition

Right of way determination and documentation

Surveying and mapping

Utility relocation coordination

 404 permitting

Cost Estimating

Stormwater pollution prevention plan 


Ottawa County


Ottawa County, OK