Leigh and Hall Drainage Improvements

Using Community Development Block Grant funds, this project rehabilitated 1,100ft of drainage channel. Residents attended multiple public meetings to voice their concerns over the failing channel and the rehabilitation plan.  GUY’s design addressed many of their concerns through a channel alignment that avoided affecting most of the larger trees and allowed for a shady, park-like setting.

 Improvements to the drainage channel included channel cleanout, sanitary sewer rehabilitation, sewer crossing protection, RCB apron and wingwall installation, and landscaping. Bank stabilization was also provided, with two kinds of turf reinforcement mats providing natural bank protection. In addition, rock check dams were used for flow line stabilization and energy dissipation.

 This project took only two months from contract execution to final plans.

Leigh and Hall before
Leigh and Hall

Leigh and Hall Drainage Improvements

Grade and Drain and Bank Stabilization



City of Stillwater

Expertise Provided:

Channel geometrics

Hydrology and hydraulics

Bid assistance

Right of way determination and documentation


Stillwater, OK


APWA OK Chapter 2016 Project of the Year Silver Award, Small City Division