Veterans Park

GUY Engineering planned and designed a 58-acre detention pond with concurrent park use and landscape features. This park has become the signature photo-op of Tulsa, transforming a blighted area into a vibrant community with redevelopment, farmer’s market, and public activities.

A drainage and redevelopment plan was created in coordination with the Pearl District for two additional detention ponds with adjoining redevelopment. GUY also developed the plan for the 6th Street canal with pedestrian walkways lined with mixed use development.  Phase II involved planning a series of FEMA-funded flood control projects. GUY worked with civic leaders and the surrounding community to develop a comprehensive plan that eliminates the floodplain while enhancing the community with creative infrastructure to encourage redevelopment.

Centennial Park

Veterans Park / Elm Creek Detention Basin / 6th St Drainage


City of Tulsa

Expertise Provided:

Project management

Storm sewer design

Erosion control

Bank stabilization

Hydrology and hydraulics

Public meetings

Stormwater pollution prevention plan

Drainage analysis


Tulsa, OK


ACEC – Oklahoma – Engineering Excellence Honor Award

American Public Works Assoc. – Public Works Project of the Year

OK Floodplain Managers Assoc. – Platinum Project Award