193rd East Ave

This STP-funded project widened 193rd East Ave along a growing  residential area. For Phase 1, GUY provided multiple alignments, which included avoidance of a high-pressure gas line, an 18-inch waterline, three City of Tulsa raw water lines, a cell phone tower, and several high-dollar properties. The alignment cut through approximately 70ft of limestone and shale and went over three raw waterlines ranging from 48-inch to 66-inch. Special coordination with City of Tulsa and the gas company was required.

 Phase II will include widening of the roadway while avoiding a cemetery and the residential development.

193rd East Ave before
193rd East Ave

193rd East Ave

Widening and Realignment

JP 26988


Rogers County

Expertise Provided:

Project management


Alignment study

Roadway geometrics and design

Hydrology and hydraulics

Right of way determination and documentation

Utility relocation coordination



Rogers County, OK


APWA OK Chapter – Project of the Year Silver Award, Transportation Division