Bixby Rd

This project reconstructed, re-aligned, and widened 0.7 miles of roadway. The existing horizontal curves did not meet criteria and were unsafe. The design of the new roadway meets 45mph and is much safer.

 The project also included improving drainage structures and ditches. In addition, there were several areas of environmental concern. The design of the new roadway avoided these areas of concerns by minimizing the right-of-way needed.

 The timeframe was extremely tight on this project, with only 15 months from Notice to Proceed to Cleared for Letting. Traffic sequencing was also challenging; scab-ons and shooflies were used to maintain two-way traffic throughout construction.

 There were STP (Surface Transportation Program) federal funds on this project.

Bixby Rd before
Bixby Rd. Okmulgee County, OK

Bixby Rd

Grade, Drain, and Surface

JP 31193


Okmulgee County

Expertise Provided:

 Project management


Alignment and alignment analysis

Roadway geometrics and design

Stormwater pollution prevention plan

Hydrology and hydraulics

Structural design

Right of way determination and documentation

Utility relocation coordination

Traffic control design

Traffic sequencing


Okmulgee County, OK