Bridge #190 over Fourteenmile Creek

The project included the following tasks:

  • Remove and replace a low water crossing over Fourteenmile Creek with a 3-span PC beam bridge on new alignment
  • Reconstruct approximately 4,300 ft of asphalt roadway

The project included a new intersection at Killabrew Rd. The intersection design required creativity since Killabrew Rd is in a superelevated curve and the N4460 Rd bridge over Fourteenmile Creek is in a superelevated reverse curve.

In addition, Fourteenmile Creek is environmentally sensitive, so extensive studies were required and restrictions on working in the area were necessary.

The survey and design were performed in compliance with ODOT’s 2013 County Road Design Manual.

193rd East Ave

Bridge #190 over Fourteenmile Creek
Cherokee County
JP 28508


Cherokee County

Expertise Provided:

Bridge and road geometrics
Hydrology and hydraulics
Bridge and roadway design
Right-of-way determination and documentation
404 permitting
Geotechnical investigation
Environmental studies
Cost estimating



Cherokee County, OK