Bridge #60 over Dog Creek

Replacing bridges #60 and 61 over Dog Creek posed a challenge because the existing alignment had one sharp curve and a PI with an alignment with reverse curve. GUY chose to replace the two bridges with one 3-40’x10’x39′ precast rigid frame bridge. This type of bridge provided the flexibility necessary to accommodate superelevation across the structure, thereby allowing use of a horizontal alignment that was within project constraints. The new alignment is safer for the traveling public.

Right of way acquisition included five parcels.

Dog creek before
BR 60 over Dog Creek



Bridge #60 over Dog Creek

Bridge and Approaches

JP 31402

Expertise Provided:

Project management

Bridge and roadway design and geometrics

Bridge hydraulics

Hydrology and hydraulics


Right of way acquisition

Right of determination and documentation

Right of way mapping

Utility relocation coordination

Cost estimating



Rogers County


Rogers County, OK