Bridge #85 over the Neosho River (Connors Bridge)

Bridge #85 Over the Neosho River (Connors Bridge)

This bridge is located 2.0 miles north of US-60 and 2.0 miles west of SH-137. The original truss bridge had an operating rate of 3 tons. It was closed after being damaged by high flood waters in July 2007. Safety was a high concern due to the narrow bridge width and extremely low load rating.

The new bridge was let in 2009 and construction was completed in 2010. The new bridge is a 4-100ft span pre-cast beam bridge, 32ft-9in clear roadway, on the same alignment as the existing bridge. There were approximately 1,100ft of roadway approaches included in the project.

Connors Bridge - before
Connors Bridge

Bridge #85 over the Neosho River (Connors Bridge)

Bridge and Approaches

JP 22896



Ottawa County

Expertise Provided:

Project management

Survey staking

Bridge and roadway design

Utility relocation coordination


404 permitting



Ottawa County, OK


 2010 Pharaoh Award Finalist

ODOT District 8 Bridge of the Year