Dwight Mission Rd: I-40 to Pinhook Corners (under construction)

This project widened and resurfaced 5.5 miles of roadway and replaced a small culvert with a new 91.5 ft PC beam span bridge.

A tribal stompground is located near the north end of the project. The roadway needed to be kept open at certain times of the year to ensure access to the stompground. Environmental notes were added to the plans, as well as a detailed traffic control plan with a combination of shooflys and detours.

During the environmental studies, a civil war site was discovered. GUY quickly modified the design and tightened  the right of way limits so as to not impact this historic site. In addition, a slight re-alignment of the road occurred near a home to avoid a costly relocation

Land Aquisition

The GUY land acquisition team provided the following services for 26 parcels:

  • Verify and contact property owners
  • Coordinate appraisals and appraisal reviews
  • Coordinate title work and title curative
  • Prepare and make offers
  • Negotiate with property owners and close on property

To meet the project’s tight funding time frame. GUY used multiple appraisers and reviewers to speed up the right of way process.

Project Management and Scheduling

This project was jointly funded through federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds, state County Improvements for Roads and Bridges funds, and Cherokee Nation funds. Because STP funds have to be used by a certain date, project management was crucial. Delays were avoided by pre-planning and continual communication. 

Dwight Mission north before

Dwight Mission Rd: I-40 to Pinhook Corners

Grade, drain, surface, and bridge

JP 32396


Sequoyah County and Cherokee Nation


Sequoyah County, OK

Expertise Provided:

Project management

Bridge and roadway geometrics and design

Hydrology and hydraulics

Bridge hydraulics


404 permitting

Utility relocation coordination

Right of way acquisition

Right of way mapping

Right of way determination and documentation

Stormwater pollution prevention plan

Traffic control design


Cost estimating