N Lewis Ave

N Lewis Ave

This project improved the roadway surface by replacing the existing four-lane road on N Lewis Ave with a new four-lane concrete roadway. It also improved safety in the area by providing sidewalks, a new traffic signal at the 46th St N intersection, and two pedestrian bridges for safely crossing Flat Rock Creek. These bridges were designed with slab span decks to maintain clearance above the floodwater surface. An existing four-lane bridge over Flat Rock Creek remained intact. Right-of-way constraints created challenges for sidewalk placement in certain areas of the project with large grade differences.

This project also included a design for a 12in water main along the length of the project and additional wastewater collection systems to serve unsewered areas. This allowed some houses currently on septic systems to connect to the City’s sewer system. The project also included new stormwater pipe systems near Flat Rock Creek, where the area is overtopped by floodwaters during the design storm.  

Construction of this project was tied to construction of an intersection at 36th St N and N Lewis Ave. Coordination for the survey and the design at the tie-in location was necessary to ensure a smooth transition between the two projects.

N Lewis Ave
N Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK

N Lewis Ave: 36th St N to 46th St N

Grade, Drain, Bridge, and Surface

Project # 104017-K


City of Tulsa

Expertise Provided:

Project management

Roadway design

Bridge and roadway geometrics

Intersection design

Traffic control design


Storm sewer system design

Stormwater pollution prevention plan

Hydrology and hydraulics

Right of way determination and documentation

Right of way mapping

Public meetings

Drainage analysis