SH-1 Talihina

SH-1 runs through Talihina, a small town in southeastern Oklahoma known as the beginning of the Talimena Scenic Drive. GUY designed approximately 6,000LF of embankment, roadway, surfacing, and drainage for a section of SH-1 located adjacent to and just west of Talihina.

By using an offset alignment to the north, GUY was able to avoid relocating a sewer line. Because the alignment was offset, curves were introduced to the geometry on the west end at the beginning of the project. The offset alignment tied into the existing curve at the approach to Talihina.

The project included extensive traffic control and construction phasing plans. A shoofly allowed for tie-in to the existing roadway at the beginning and end of the project. In addition, the intersection with SH-82 was improved to include a left turn lane.

The project also included replacing two span bridges over Rock Creek. The new multi-span PC beams are 40ft clear roadway width, and one bridge was super-elevated. In addition, GUY removed three bridge-size RCBs, replacing them with two roadway-size RCBs.


SH-1 Talihina 

Bridge, Grade, Drain, and Surface

JP 21735


Oklahoma Dept of Transportation

Expertise Provided:

Project management


Roadway and bridge design

Alignment study


ODOT District 2, LeFlore County, OK