Southaven Rd

GUY developed a design to resurface 0.8 miles of Southaven Rd as well as to widen the road to three lanes by adding a center left turn lane. The design included curb and gutter and space for a future sidewalk. In addition, the design upsized a pipe structure to a bridge-sized RCB, added a storm sewer, and provided waterline design services for the RWD relocation.

The Southaven Rd project was part of a larger project to provide a direct route around town. It also connects to the recently constructed SH-20 project and to the Country Club Rd project built concurrently with Southaven Rd. A public meeting was held to gather citizen input.

Rogers County, the City of Claremore, and the Cherokee Nation jointly funded the project. GUY coordinated between these entities to ensure clear communication.

Southaven Rd ribbon cutting
Southaven Rd

Southaven Rd

Widen & Resurface


Rogers County

City of Claremore

Cherokee Nation

Expertise Provided:

Highway & roadway design and geometrics

Bridge design and geometrics


Waterline design


Hydrology and hydraulics

Bridge hydraulics

Drainage analysis

Storm sewer system design

Stormwater pollution prevention plan

Right of way determination and documentation

Utility relocation coordination

Public meetings

Bank stabilization



Rogers County, OK