W 81st St South

Frankhoma Rd is one of the most travelled road in Creek County District 2. GUY developed a design and held public meetings for a 1.26-mile-long new connector road proposed on the Tulsa Metro Area Major Street and Highway Plan.  Challenges that the design addressed included steep terrain and a railroad crossing adjacent to the intersection with Frankhoma Rd.

The new curbed roadway is 1.25 miles long and consists of two 12 ft lanes with a continuous 16 ft left turning lane. 0.4 miles of alignment is an upgrade to the existing roadway on the east and west, while the remaining 0.85 miles is new virgin alignment. GUY developed an alingment through this hilly area that minimized impacts to property and transmission lines.

A storm sewer system was included in anticipation of future development. The Frankhoma Rd intersection and approaches were also reconstructed and raised approximately 6.0 ft, for improved compatibility with the BNSF crossing elevation.  

 This new roadway provides a much-needed connection between SH-97 and Frankhoma Rd, including the McGuire Industrial Park and connection to SH-66. In addition to providing convenient access for area drivers, the new roadway also improves response time for emergency services.

W 81st St South before
W 81st St South, Creek County



 W 81st St South (EW Section Line RD) from SH-97 E to Frankhoma Rd

JP 22350


Creek County

Expertise Provided:

Roadway design

Storm sewer design

Drainage system design

Hydraulic analysis

Topographical survey

Property boundary survey

Public meetings

Right of way mapping

Utility relocation coordination

Traffic control 


Creek County, OK