GUY worked with the City of Broken Arrow (COBA) to design construction plans for widening Tucson St from Aspen Ave to Elm Pl. This 1.0 mile section of two lane, section-line roadway served approximately 6,000 vehicles per day. COBA needed to widen this roadway in order to accommodate heavier traffic expected after new retail outlets and the Warren Theater opened.

This project widened approximately 1.0 miles of arterial road from a two-lane asphalt road to a five-lane roadway. The project also included a skewed two-cell RCB bridge on Elm Creek, water line system improvements, curb and gutters, connecting sidewalks, new storm sewer system, and a road-class double-box culvert.

GUY developed a cost-effective design that met COBA’s needs by minimizing right-of-way acquisition and not requiring relocation of electrical transmission poles. Special head walls and wing walls were designed to minimize right-of-way needs. In addition, the roadway design minimized impacts to overhead transmission lines. In addition, the design incorporated principles of value engineering by simplifying additional widening that may be needed in the future.

The project was completed on schedule and ahead of the adjacent new commercial development. With the successful completion of this project, Tucson St is now ready to handle the future growth of this rapidly developing area of Broken Arrow.


APWA OK Chapter 2016 Gold Award