Drainage and Flood Control Design

Centennial Park
Centennial Park

In coordination with local cities, GUY Engineering has provided drainage design solutions such as channel rehabilitation, detention facilities, slope stability, and erosion control.

We also seek creative solutions to provide aesthetic erosion protection. Some solutions we have implemented include turf reinforcement, longitudinal peaked stone toe protection, natural stone, and native vegetation.

By using programs such as HEC-RAS and HY-8 to assist with the engineering analysis, we can ensure that our drainage solutions work as needed.

Crow Creek
Crow Creek

GUY also offers hydraulics and hydrology (H&H) services for bridge and roadway designs. A properly designed H&H system protects communities from flood events by diverting and channeling water to a safe area.

Our staff includes four Certified Floodplain Managers who have experience in all aspects of H&H, including:

  • Runoff calculations
  • Storm sewer design
  • Bridge and culvert sizing
  • Detention, ditch, and channel design
  • Floodplain management
  • Hydraulic modeling