Utility Relocation Coordination

A disturbance to a public utility can have a major effect on our communities. When utilities aren’t relocated properly before a project begins, they can pose dangers to construction workers and to the community, as well as to your construction schedule and budget. The GUY Utility Relocation team can help you avoid construction roadblocks, guiding you through the complex utility relocation process from beginning to end.

With 30+ years of experience coordinating utility relocations, GUY’s Utility Coordinators (UC) have developed proven processes with one aim: projects letting on schedule with no delays due to utility conflicts.

In the beginning…

When a project begins, the Utility Coordinators immediately

  • Identify utilities located within the project right of way
  • Establish contact with the utility companies
  • Develop a Utility Tracking Report to coordinate tasks and monitor progress

Design to conserve time and money

All stakeholders are included in design and schedule discussions to obtain their input and encourage cooperation. Your Utility Coordinators look for options to avoid or minimize relocations, and they review utility designs for constructability.


Construction support

The Utility Coordinators ensure that utility relocations comply with all rules and standards and meet the plans and specifications in the approved agreement. They also review invoices and final payment requests.


  • Design/engineering review
  • Conflict assessment and verification
  • Utility negotiation and contract administration
  • Utility relocation and adjustment
  • Construction observation