Land Surveying and Mapping

A land survey is the critical first step and foundation of any infrastructure project, providing crucial data for engineers and designers. For example, survey data can provide control points for bridge construction or can help determine the optimal alignment of a roadway to avoid wetlands.

Accurate and Precise Surveys = Better Designs

GUY’s surveying team is licensed and qualified to provide professional services for a wide range of survey projects. Every member of the Survey Department, whether field crew or office staff, has the training, education, and knowledge needed to provide the exceptional surveys that our customers need and deserve.

What sets this team apart from the competition? Their ability to focus on the details, no matter how small. This means they produce surveys that are both accurate and precise and that provide an essential understanding of property limits and boundaries, easements and rights of way, topographic land features, and more.

DroneThe Best Surveying Approach

Digital levels. Total Stations. GPS Units. Drone. Surveying technology changes constantly So which approach is best? The answer is – it depends on the purpose of the project as well as on factors such as project location, terrain, and size. The GUY team has training and experience in both traditional and contemporary tools and can select the best option for your project, schedule, and budget.

Back in the Office

While GUY’s field crews are tackling rough terrain and busy streets to identify the boundaries and physical features of a project, experienced office staff are providing such services as records research, data reduction, and legal descriptions.

Surveying and Mapping Services

  • Topographic surveys and Digital Terrain Models
  • Boundary surveys
  • Design surveys
  • Route surveys
  • Control surveys
  • Right of way mapping
  • Staking
  • Right of way mapping
  • Landowner research
  • Photogrammetric ground control
  • Drone photogrammetry