Bridge Design

Stepps Ford Bridge over Neosho River

Stepps Ford Bridge over Neosho River

Bridges are critical links in our transportation system – just consider how many bridges you drive over or pass under during your daily commute.

Our experienced design team has over 29 years of experience designing rural and urban bridge projects. During this time, we have designed over 200 bridges, from standard box bridges to custom river bridges.

Variations in design include:

  • Custom and standard RCBs
  • Steel beam
  • Slab-span
  • PC-beam
  • Used beam
  • Precast rigid frames
  • Precast arches
US-75 over SH-20

US-75 over SH-20

Our goal is to develop designs that reduce cost, save time, and avoid impacts to landowners, environmentally sensitive areas, and cultural sites.

GUY also develops designs for bridge rehabilitation. Bridge rehabilitation is a main focus across the nation because rehabilitating rather than replacing a bridge offers tremendous cost savings.

GUY’s team is highly qualified to deliver detailed and complex bridge rehabilitation designs. We have designed 21 SBRs and five bridge rehabilitation projects over the past five years.